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Learn Tableau, Meet talent

We think that Tableau is awesome, and the London Tableau community is one of the most exciting and engaged in data visualisation and BI around. TinyTableauTalks is a meet up where this community shares our skills and insight with each other, and a platform for those who are new to public speaking to get their start.


Come along to brush up on your data visualisation skills & meet like-minded people. We have 6-10 talks all 5 minutes long, so you're bound to find something of interest.


Want to speak? Send us your idea. We want to hear from you (we really do).

We're committed to inclusivity across genders, ethnicities, abilities, and sexualities, and are a friendly space for everyone to develop the skills and confidence to present.


We run events quarterly. Want to be the first to hear about all our news? Follow us on Twitter, join our meetup group, or sign up to our newsletter.

'I want to speak...'

Great! We want to hear from you, and if the next word in your mind is, 'but', then we absolutely definitely want to hear from you. Don't count yourself out of this!

You don't have to be a Tableau expert to talk at our events. You can talk about how you're starting out, tips and tricks you've learned, how you're cramming for your certification, or something interesting you found in a public data set.

Anything, even making art in Tableau. If you're unsure what to talk about, think of what annoys you most, or excites you most. It's a great way to find something you're passionate about.

As long as it is 5 minutes long, includes something around data visualisation, analysis or design, and is not a sales pitch, we're excited to hear about it.

If you are an experienced speaker, you can get involved by volunteering to be a mentor or coach.

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Here's how you can support us


Sponsor us

We are community run, and rely on contributions toward refreshments, web hosting and other costs to make ends meet.

Provide a space

We're always looking for places in central London to put on an event. We keep it small, usually around 50 people. If you have a space big enough and would like to meet a lot of skilled, enthusiastic Tableau users, we'd love to meet you too :)

Help our speakers

Join our pre meet up calls to hear and comment on talks, or come to an event early to offer feedback on a practice run. If you'd like to help new speakers develop their skills, and help open our community to more people, we (and they) would be super grateful! 

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TinyTableauTalks is organised by me, Emma Cosh. Hello :)

I am a London based data designer and currently Head of the Visualisation Centre of Excellence at a UK retailer. I'm passionate about design & data-driven decision making, and think that Tableau combines these in a fascinating way. It's an excellent tool for analysis, visualisation and communication of data that anyone can learn. 

If you're in London and interested in Tableau, you should also check out the wonderful London Tableau User Group and Data + Women events.

Want to get in touch? I'm @egcosh, or find me at egcosh.com

RESOURCES for speakers

An incredibly valuable video for anyone wanting to feel more confident giving a presentation



An article from Forbes on some options for structuring a presentation.


Edinburgh Chapter

Launching Early 2019

Launching in early 2019, TTT Edinburgh will support a diverse range of people to share their love of data visualisation with the community. Would you like to hear when we launch? Join the meetup group here.

Maybe you’re interested in presenting? We’d love to hear from you! Each talk is just 5 minutes long and you can talk about anything to do with data visualisation. Don’t worry if you’re nervous, we’ll give you all the help you need. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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