Session 10 Talks

Conde Nast, London, 11th September 2018

Download the slides here.

Merel Wallis De Vries - Tracking river cleanliness

Merel gets excited about puzzles, so analysing big data sets is right up her street. She holds a Masters in Global Business & Sustainability and a Bachelors in China studies, and has experience in understanding a large variety of data. In her spare time, Merel has been part of Leiden University’s delegation to the Harvard Model United Nations.

She has been working at Promatix, a Tableau partner, for just over a year and talked to us about a clean river live data tracking project.

Palermo Moyo - Working with Diverse Stakeholders

Palermo is a Senior Revenue Management Analyst at Hertz who specialises in data analytics and visualisation.

Her experience and passion for easy to understand data insight, has meant that working with Tableau has produced contributed to the incremental productivity of the Revenue department at Hertz. Outside work, Palermo enjoys the gym, cooking, dinner parties and travelling.

She talked to us about working with diverse groups of stakeholders in a Tableau environment.

Jamie Withington

Jamie is currently Senior Data and Insights Analyst at QSES He has been using tableau for over 2 years and outside of work runs a record label, label parties in Leeds and London, DJs and even uses tableau to track his record’s performance.

He talked to us about a student application progress tracking dashboard he developed.

Stephen Hsu

Steven is a freelance data analyst who loves using MS SQL, Python and Tableau.
He has a degree in computer science and loves using data to help the world be a better place.

He talked to us about using Tableau with MS SQL server.

Alexander Fridriksson

Alexander’s data skills got started through studying philosophy, politics and economics (PPE), and his storytelling skills were developed through theatre, public speaking and a Dale Carnegie training program.

He has worked in graphic design and marketing, where he came across Tableau. It totally blew his mind, so he decided to attend The Information Lab Data School where is he currently in training.

He talked to us about creativity in data analysis and visualisation.

Clara Triboul

Clara has been living in London for 3 years and working as a Strategic Marketing Analyst for Penguin for 2. What she loves about her job is to break down complex concepts and make them accessible.

Outside of work she loves reading obviously, but also cooking, rope climbing, pottery and going on an adventure, especially when it can happen close to the Arctic circle.

She talked to us about an ebook pricing deal dashboard she developed.