Session 2019.2 Talks

ZAP Technology, 4th June 2019

Download the slides.

Louise Le - Organising and Documenting workbooks

Before Louise joined The Information Lab Data School as a Consulting Analyst, she studied Medical Engineering and worked for a short time as a Biomechanics Researcher. From these experiences, she realised she loved problem solving and finding insights from numbers, so she decided to make that her career.

Jovan Lekovicj - Data Viz Aesthetics

Jovan is an independent data visualisation consultant who geeks out over dataviz as a form of communication. Previously he was the data visualisation lead for the BBC’s Audiences team, developing the in-house Tableau style guide, training the department on visualisation techniques and building internal flagship dashboards.

Galyna Skamrova - sheet swapping without parameters

Is an Analytics Consultant at Interworks and is passionate about exploring new Tableau tips and tricks to bring dashboard standards to the next level.

Work aside, she loves new discoveries and experiences, whether it is travelling abroad, visiting yet-unknown London places or trying a new coffee blend in the local café. Download her workbook here.

Rachel Phang - Automating Pivot Tables

After 8 years in the world of financial investments, life changed when she joined The Information Lab's Data School in 2017, and she now works at Refinitiv, a provider of financial data.

When not playing with data, Rachel can be found exploring the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, trying out a calisthenics class, or looking for a way to travel the world sustainably.

Juliet Sokpo - using Tableau server for large data extracts

Juliet works as a Reporting Manager at giffgaff. She loves using data visualisation tools to translate raw data into valuable business insights.

When Juliet is not creating engaging dashboards, she loves to run, cook and travel.

Timothy Percival - data meaning through data management

Timothy is a Business Intelligence Consultant at Zap Technology. He comes from a creative background working in semiotics and visual communication, and is currently studying architecture part time.