Session 9 Talks

Concentra, St Pauls, 10th July 2018

Download the slides here.

Jodi fraser - blending vs. joining

Jodi is a gin loving, football loathing, drum playing masseuse in training Kiwi, who’s also a senior analyst at Channel 4.

Martina zaccaron - Tufte's good data viz practices

Martina is a Business Analyst with experience in data analytics. She is passionate about data visualisation as a language to explain reality in a beautiful and effective way.

Also, she can't get enough of pizza, chocolate and data.

Yin Kelly - Making sankey charts in tableau

Yin is a visualisation developer at Sandtable making bespoke data visualisations and user interfaces for a variety of clients. She is passionate about designing engaging data experiences and enjoys tinkering with visualization tools and technologies.

Nisa marques - how to gather requirements

Nisa is an InterWorks Analytics Consultant that has been contributing to the Tableau community since 2016. She has several ‘Viz of the days' to her name as well as being a Tableau featured author and is best known for her insightful visualisations and great design skills.

emma Schul - exploring chart types

Emma is currently working as a learning analyst at Fuse Universal, which is a tech company providing an e-learning platform for businesses. She moved to London from Amsterdam to do a PhD in Neurosciences at UCL, which she completed last year. In he free time she likes to play the violin, which has taken her across the world on tours with various orchestras.

Nora Ann Weststrate - Preparing data

Nora completed her PhD degree in synthetic chemistry during which she was exposed to big data analysis. She came across Tableau in the process of joining The Information Lab and completed her Tableau training through The Data School. Nora is currently placed at IAG Cargo at Heathrow as part of the Business Intelligence team.