Session 6 Talks

Tableau Office, Southwark, November 2017

Download the slides here.


Anna Noble - Improving dashboards with iteration

Anna is a Tableau and Alteryx consultant at The Information Lab’s Data School. 

Before discovering Tableau, Anna studied a masters in online journalism. And has been spent the past 4 years writing content for the web on travel, politics human rights, media, and most recently dataviz.

Gillian Rodger - Insights from inside Tableau Server

Gillian is a senior data visualisation analyst at Kurt Geiger. She also loves Dachshunds.

Chris Hastie - Waterfall Charts

Chris is a Tableau consultant with a passion for data visualisation and process automation. 

He also enjoys table tennis and barbecues.

Hugo whiskard - Driving engagement in Tableau

Hugo is an analyst at Bank of Ireland. He studied agriculture originally, but is transitioning to corporate life in the big city.

Steph Kearns - Using Polygons to make a Christmas Tree

Steph joined the Data School at The Information Lab in October.

She found Tableau & Alteryx as part of a previous role in analytics, and is now loving being able to use them as part of her job every day.

See her dashboard here.

pablo gomez - how tableau public can help your career

Pablo is a freelance Tableau developer, Tableau Public ambassador and co-leader of the London Tableau User Group.

See his dashboard here.